AI powered IDE for APIs

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Embrace the Feature-rich API IDE loaded with Magic AI ✨

Discover APIs

Find the right public (or internal API) for your task easily using our AI

Design APIs

Draft API contracts that adhere to the latest API specifications seamlessly

Mock APIs

From 0 to seconds - The time it takes to create and serve mock APIs

Develop APIs

Ultra-fast development of new APIs, supercharged by AI

Deploy APIs

Deploy, host & monitor your APIs with just a single click

Generate API Integration Code

Generate not only the backend integration code, but also the frontend (UI) code

Test APIs

Improve coverage from 0 to 90% via AI generated test cases that actually work!

Document APIs

Generate API docs and user guide including code examples & use cases

API Workflows

Easily build and deploy API workflows with minimal effort

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foss42 is currently in closed alpha and we are rolling it out in small batches as the product is still under development. But, we are always excited to learn more about your use case and help you leverage the power of foss42 by providing an early access to your team.